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Hello, we are Echo…
a pure print management company.

We started Echo in 2015 to provide a pure print management service based on a belief that our clients’ objectives and service experience should be at the centre of everything we do. We are a small team of like-minded people; each with complementary skills in production, marketing, brand management and design to provide our clients with a toolkit of products and services that can exceed their expectations, regardless of the communication medium choices they make. We understand clients are under pressure to reduce costs and maintain quality across a diverse range of campaigns and products.
We consider ourselves to be an extension of our clients’ teams, providing direct assistance on all aspects of the planning and production process.

At the heart of our business is a desire to provide a print management service that is truly value-focused and sustainable. One that exhibits only the highest standards of ethics – In an industry, that is sadly, widely associated with supplier exploitation through poor payment terms and high levels of ‘hidden’ rebate payments from manufacturers. We are proud to stand for something different. Key elements of our ethical business practices are as follows:

    • We aim to pay all suppliers (regardless of trading values) on 30 days terms.
    • We are committed to receiving no income whatsoever from supplier loyalty payments or trading rebates of any kind, at any time.
    • We regard our suppliers as true partners in our mission to provide industry-leading service and quality to our clients; setting high standards of expectation and rewarding those who consistently achieve them with the opportunity to build long term, sustainable trading relationships with us.

The result of this approach is a comprehensive and evolving roster of proven supply partners that want to work and actively collaborate with us. The benefits to us and our clients being true costs of product and levels of innovation and flexibility that are rarely seen elsewhere in the marketplace.

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